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Behavioral Therapy and At-Home Training

Behavioral Therapy and At-Home Training are part of The Doggie Denīs commitment to help you enjoy your dog and enjoy your life. Ashley Catizone, certified AKC Obedience Trainer and Search and Rescue trainer uses her knowledge and experience to understand exactly what the problem is; why the problem has arisen; and how to address it.

She will meet with you and your dog in your home, or at The Doggie Den, whichever you prefer. The amount of time she will spend with you, and the number of times you will meet, depend upon her initial assessment, and the agreement that you make with her.

The fee is $90.00 an hour.

Some of the behavioral issues that Ashley can help you solve include:

  • House soiling
  • Jumping up on people/furniture
  • Pulling on leash
  • Rough play biting
  • Chewing and house destruction
  • Separation anxiety
  • Wild behavior
  • Consistent disobedience
  • Fears and phobias
  • Aggression, including food agression
  • Compulsive behavior

Does your dog have one of these problems? Just fill out the electronic form and Ashley will contact you to discuss your dogīs issues.

The process is:

  • Initial telephone contact to define the problem.
  • In an in-person session, Ashley does a complete evaluation; explains her diagnosis and explains how she can be of assistance.
  • You and Ashley reach an agreement on the treatment to be implemented.
  • You, Ashley and your dog work together to solve the problem.
  • Ashley will check with you about two weeks after treatment.

Online Registration for Behavioral Therapy and At-Home Training