The Doggie Den

14 Blake Street, Northboro, MA 01532

Phone: 508-351-6501

The Doggie Den Staff

Susan LaDue, Owner

Prior to opening The Doggie Den, Susan was a Human Resource Manager at a Fortune 500 computer company. Before that she was a faculty member at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. Finally, in 1998 she decided to do what she loves best: devote her waking hours to dogs! She is certified by the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council as a "Certified Canine Specialist", and has her American Red Cross certification in Pet First Aid. Susan lives in Watertown with her beloved Sheltie, Shuki.

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Vicky Wujcik, Store Manager and Groomer

Vicky is Susan's guardian angel: she manages The Doggie Den, with everything involved, and that has permitted Susan to retire.  She's adept at keeping the operation running with Tim's help, and there's no fuss.  It is also she who updates the daycare schedule every week.  When our previous groomer, Nicole, went off to North Carolina to get married and have a baby, we wondered if our grooming customers would be concerned.  We needn't have worried!  After 6 years at Petsmart, Vicky had all the skills and the super friendly personality to do the job.  She's excellent at building the business and is often booked up weeks in advance.  Customers love her custom scissoring and clipper work.  Vicky lives in Medway with her partner and their teenage daughter.


Tim Beausoleil, Daycare Attendant

Tim is our early bird: he opens the store at 7 am and takes charge of the daycare dogs as they arrive.  When the dogs see him, they wag their tails off, knowing they’re in for another day of partying. Tim has a way with our guests; he loves to snuggle them and they also listen when he gives orders! Every two hours Tim calls, “Okay, dogs, everybody outside!” and one pack at a time, the pups race for the door to our fenced in yard. Tim is also an awesome fix-it guy – he keeps The Doggie Den in good repair. Tim lives in Grafton with his partner and their two dogs.